Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Will the treatment hurt?

The pain associated with laser tattoo removal can be described as the feeling of a rubber band snapping on the skin.  Many consider the process to be uncomfortable.  However, with our cooling unit, the Quanta Zimmer Cryo 6, it can cool the skin before, during and after your laser treatment.  The cooling unit will significantly reduce your discomfort, thus ensuring your experience is as comfortable as possible.

How much will my treatments cost?

Pricing is by square inch.  Since tattoo removal requires numerous sessions we offer several packages and promotions which will be offered to you when you come in for your free consultation.  For more details take advantage and book yourself a free consultation appointment.

How does laser tattoo removal work?

Simply put, during the laser tattoo removal process, light from the laser penetrates the tattoo pigment in the skin, heating the ink to extremely high temperatures; thus causing the pigment to explode into smaller particles. The body’s natural defence mechanism sends out macrophages (scavenger cells) which then digest the smaller particles and expel them from the body through the lymphatic system.  With the technology we offer, our Q-Plus C laser is capable of selectively heating the tattoo pigment without disrupting the surrounding tissue; thereby, significantly decreasing your risk of blistering and subsequently scarring.

Why should I have my treatments at Azalea Laser Clinic?

At Azalea Laser Clinic we are proud to offer laser treatments with Quebec’s FIRST and ONLY Quanta Q-Plus C laser.  The Q-Plus C is a medical laser and is the most powerful three-wavelength Q-switched laser system.  Unlike ANY laser in Quebec, our laser boasts the capability of removing pigmented lesions and ALL tattoo colours on the spectrum.  We are proud to be the FIRST to introduce this highly advanced laser technology in tattoo removal to the province of Quebec.  This revolutionary technology in laser tattoo removal enables our highly trained and professional laser technicians to remove or lighten tattoos of all colours on the spectrum.  During your free no obligation consultation with our onsite Clinical Director Dr. Maryam Majdi you will be educated on the tattoo removal process, the various options available for tattoo removal, our technology and be provided with an estimate.  The information and knowledge you will be provided with will enable you to make an informed decision.
We are confident in our laser’s capacity as it is internationally reputable and has wide spread industrial, scientific and aesthetic applications.  From NASA to the Vatican to laser tattoo removal, Quanta has earned its reputation as having the world’s finest lasers.

How long will I need to wait between treatments?

Since you require sufficient time for the body’s natural defense system to digest and eliminate ink particles fragmented by the laser, we suggest waiting 8-10 weeks between treatments. However each case is different, therefore the best option is to follow Dr. Majdi’s recommendations.

Will I need to miss work?

While some redness, swelling, (and very rarely blistering), is possible, you will be able to return to work immediately.

Will I be able to do my daily activities after my treatment?

Absolutely!  There is very rarely any breaking of the skin, so you may go to the gym, work, cook or clean immediately following treatment.  Tanning is the only activity that MUST be avoided for at least 2 weeks following your treatment.

How many treatments will I need?

The number of treatments will vary depending on a number of factors.  During your free, no obligation consultation with our onsite Clinical Director Dr. Maryam Majdi, you will be evaluated and provided with an estimated number of treatments needed.

Can I go tanning before/after my treatments?

You must refrain from using tanning beds for at least 2 weeks prior to your treatment or 1 month if you are tanning outdoors in the sun.  This is crucial in order to avoid any potential blistering, or change in pigment due to tanning. It is also important to wait at least 2 weeks after your treatment before tanning again.

How soon can I expect to see results?

Since results will vary depending on a number of factors, this question will more appropriately be answered after your assessment during your free, no obligation consultation with our Clinical Director Dr. Maryam Majdi.

Will I be able to have my multi-coloured tattoo removed?

With our Quanta Q Plus C laser containing 3 lasers within its unit, it will be able to effectively and safely target all colours on the spectrum, including greens and blues, which have been previously difficult to target with older generations and current lasers.

What are the risks associated with tattoo removal?

As with any form of tattoo removal, there are always risks involved with this treatment.  Common risks include blistering, hypopigmentation, and hyperpigmentation.  However, with our technology being the most advanced with laser tattoo removal in the world, the associated risks are significantly reduced.  It is important to understand that certain drugs, tanning or underlying conditions may make you more prone to these risks.  Please inform our Clinical Director, Dr. Maryam Majdi, of any drugs/supplements, or any underlying conditions you may have to ensure your safe and effective treatments.

I have more questions and I am still unsure, where can I get more information?

Your best source of obtaining further information and addressing your unanswered questions would be to book your free, no obligation consultation with our Clinical Director, Dr. Maryam Majdi.  During your appointment Dr. Maryam Majdi will happily address all your questions and concerns and educate you about the tattoo removal process, the various options available for tattoo removal and our technology so that you may feel confident in your decision.