New Year’s Resolution

You’re back at work, your hangover has finally subsided and you no longer feel as though the baby being held by the woman on the bus next to you sounds the same as a megaphone being pushed through a garbage disposal.

Yes, New Year’s is over. But this is your year, your year to shine! 12 new chapters, 365 new chances! New year, new you! Aaaand I’m out of clichés…

People have the desire for self improvement all the time. But actually starting those improvements very often go hand in hand with the start of a new year.

Alright then, you’ve joined the gym. You’ve thrown out any foods in your pantry whose first ingredient is sugar. And you told yourself you’re finally going to tell ‘so and so’ how you feel about them, just make sure you use your words, not what Steve told you. That guy doesn’t know the first thing about romance!

Looks like you’re almost ready to check everything of your list…but what about…you know? The reason you don’t wear a bathing suit in public, the dark blob that even your physician chuckles at under his breath, that tattoo you don’t remember getting because you were too drunk; that not you, or anyone for that matter can decipher what it actually is?…or isn’t?

Bad Tattoos

It’s time to remove that tattoo! And for those of you who don’t know where to start, here are some simple steps to point you in the right direction :

1. Do your research

Tattoo removal is becoming increasingly popular. Choosing the wrong establishment can leave you worse off than before. Ask questions, and look at before and after photos. Beware of photoshopped pictures.

2. Do NOT base your decision on price

The results of a laser procedure are permanent! You can buy a laser on eBay for $3000. Whereas a good laser will be the same price as a small house.

3. Decide if you want to do a cover up or complete removal

If you are interested in getting a cover up tattoo, you might not have to remove your tattoo entirely. Decide what you want as a new tattoo, and which artist you want to do it. Once you start the process, consult with the artist. He may only need you to do 2 or 3 or sessions.

4. Now is the time to start

Before any laser tattoo removal session, you skin must not have seen the sun or a tanning bed for at least 2-4 weeks.

5. If they say “Laserless tattoo removal” … RUN!

There’s a faction in the tattoo removal industry that prides themselves on offering laserless tattoo removal. These people say that laser is bad because it’s painful and it can scar you. Well if you cheap out, yes you can end up with scarring (see point 2), so don’t be cheap. So, what’s their alternative you ask? Acid. Yup, their process involves tattooing an “aqueous solution” (which literally means anything dissolved in water) over your tattoo and the solution (acid) literally BURNS your skin. Needless to say this procedure will almost certainly guarantee that you’ll end up with a much worse result than when you started.