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It’s important to understand why tattoos are permanent.


The tattooing process involves using needles to deposit various types of tattoo pigment deep into the dermis.

But what makes them permanent?

While the body’s natural reaction when introduced with foreign particles would be to eliminate them, the tattoo pigment remains permanently (for the most part) as the ink particles are far too large to be targeted and eliminated by the body’s natural defense system (the lymphatic system).

How It Works


During the laser tattoo removal process, depending on the type of laser, a unique wavelength of light (a laser beam) is emitted from each laser.

Each colour on the spectrum is attracted to/absorbs a specific wavelength of light.  By the same token the specific wavelength of light (the laser beam) is absorbed by the tattoo pigment it is attracted to.

The wavelength of light then heats the particular tattoo pigment to extremely high temperatures, causing the tattoo pigment to shatter into smaller fragments.

The body’s natural defense system will subsequently send out scavenger cells (macrophages) to digest and eliminate the fragmented particles through the lymphatic system over the next several weeks.

With the precision, power and reliability that our Quanta Q-Plus C laser offers, we will be able to selectively target the unwanted pigment without overheating and damaging the surrounding tissue, which quite commonly occurs with other lasers.  In doing so, we are confident with the efficacy and quality of our results, which translate into fewer sessions and minimal risk of scarring or damage to the skin.

The Consultation

Your journey starts with a FREE, no obligation consultation 

At Azalea, we take a different approach than everywhere else; we want to educate you, so you can make an informed decision.

We are the only establishment to offer 1 hour consultations where our Clinical Director Dr. Maryam Majdi PhD:

  • Explains the laser tattoo removal process
  • Compares and contrasts our technology with other lasers
  • Explains the benefits of our technology
  • Lets you know what you can expect as far as number of sessions, cost and which packages would be best suited for you

She also takes the time to answer any and all questions you may have to put your concerns to rest.


We know you're busy

At Azalea, we understand that people may have different schedules.  We are happy to work with each client to accommodate whatever time is best suitable for you.

Coming from Out of Town?

We offer appointments at any time of day.  We are also open on Saturdays!

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Latest from the Blog

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