Considering a change? You’re not alone, a recent poll found that 1/3 of people aren’t happy with at least one of their tattoos.  Here are 3 EXTREMELY important warning signs that you should definitely look elsewhere to get your removal done.


They offer you a free session in exchange for a positive review.


  1. They offer you a FREE session if you give them a positive Goggle or Facebook review

You did your research, you looked at multiple locations and this place has by far the most positive reviews.  It should be a no brainer.

Except that during your consultation when the laser technician starts to talk about price, she lets you know about a great promotion they’re having…If you go online right now and give them a positive review, you get a FREE session! :O

5 Tattoo Removal Tips to Make Your New Year’s Resolution a Reality

Where do I start?  No business should EVER pay for a positive review.  The whole point of having reviews is to let others know about your experience, and whether they should support or avoid that business.

This is not the same as a business asking clients to leave a review after you’ve received a service.  Or even having a competition where you could win something if you leave a review.

Giving clients incentive to leave a review after you have received their service (good or bad) is NOT the same as giving free service in exchange for a positive review.  Reviews should reflect the experiences of the people who actually received the service they are reviewing.

If you find yourself being offered this package, run!  How do you know which (if any) of the results you read are actually credible.


A man in a suit with his hand out expecting money.


  1. They’re pushy and insist that you buy a package, or at least pay them something NOW

A business that stands behind their methods will have the confidence that you as a client will be back.  Laser tattoo removal (done properly) is a lengthy process.  The ONLY reason a business will try to force a 5 or 10 session package down your throat is because they don’t know if (or aren’t confident that) you’ll be back.  Plus, the majority of lasers do more to damage your skin than to remove your ink.  Each additional session you do will damage your skin more and more.  When you start to put 2 and 2 together and see the results (or damage) yourself, you might not return.  So it’s in their interest to have you pay a lot, and up front.

Why do people remove their tattoos?

You should feel comfortable and confident with the person or people you trust to do your laser removal, and should never feel pressured.  The results are PERMANT, the good and the bad.


A scar a woman received from a laser free tattoo removal session. Source: Radio Canada


  1. Their methods are ‘Laser-less’ or ‘Laser-Free’

What do they mean laser free?  Well, what they do is they tattoo an ‘aqueous solution’ into your skin.  What is an aqueous solution?  Anything that is dissolved with water…What do they dissolve for this particular method?…acid.  Yup, acid.  Sure you’ll remove some of the pigment, but acid doesn’t discriminate between the ink particles and your skin cells, so you have a VERY high risk of ending up with some gnarly scars.

Tattoo removal cost – The answer you don’t want.

One local business was recently sued by a group of people for the scars that their ‘laser-free’ procedure left them with.  So do your research and don’t cheap out.  The results are permanent, the good and the bad!


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