A recent study found that nearly 1/3 of people regret their decision to get a tattoo. The study didn’t mention why. So…why? There are probably too many reasons to list why someone would get their tattoo removed, the surveyors would have had way too many variables to categorize. But let’s speculate and think of some potential reasons:

1.They outgrew it. 

Tattoos weren’t always as mainstream as they are today. Like in any industry involving aesthetics, things become popular and then die out. Which for all intents and purposes is a good thing. Otherwise we’d still see people wearing super high waisted pants like in the 90’s or oversized thick framed nerd glasses like in the 80’s… Oh wait, I forgot about hipsters. Well regardless, you can buy new pants, or change your glasses (or get laser eye surgery). Changing your tattoo though, is a whole other ordeal.

2.It was badly done.

The world is RIDDLED with bad tattoo artists. Pair that with a client who wants a tattoo done as fast and as cheap as possible, and you have the perfect recipe for a botched job. It’s not just bad artists, even the most renowned tattoo artist would have had to learn from scratch. And no matter who you are, or what level your art is at…you’re going to be messing up a few people (more like a lot of people) when you start.

3.It’s scarred.

This point is more of an extension of point 2, but it’s very significant so it gets its own point. Tattooing is literally puncturing your skin with needles (well pins actually but that’s for another post), so in essence we’re damaging your tissue. A good artist will be able to properly judge the force and depth required to safely and effectively put the ink in your skin. A depth that while repairing your skin, your body won’t end up leaving you with thick nasty scar tissue. But not too light that the ink doesn’t go deep enough under the epidermis and it fades away. Scarring is one of the most tragic results you can get from getting a tattoo. Aside from surgery there isn’t much you can do to reduce scar tissue. And when getting laser removal, the pigment can be removed, but the scar will always remain.

 Are you thinking of removing a tattoo? Click here for 3 warning signs to look out for.

We are fortunate to live in a time where technology has advanced such that what was once permanent can now be removed. And provided you choose the right technology (don’t cheap out, the results are permanent) your risk of scarring is slim to none. Laser tattoo removal is giving artists a tool in fixing, refreshing, erasing, or covering people’s mistakes or unwanted tattoos that until recently wasn’t possible.


Why do you think people remove their tattoos?  Have you had one removed, what were your reasons?

Let us know in the comments 😉



  1. Lisa

    Well done.

    I would think another reason might be someone tattooing their bf/gf name or something in reference to them and wanting it removed .

    • robinlabreche

      Very true! I don’t know HOW many people I’ve tried to talk out of getting their significant other’s name. People sometimes would take my advice, but many would ignore it. The irony is that I would see some of them years (or months) later to cover it up!

  2. Evan

    Im currently 2 treatments into my laser and I am only fading to cover up. I can still live with the design of my complete upper arm tattoo but its now 22 yrs old and with the progression and amazing talent of the artists all over the globe along with social media practically linking all artists, clients and the exquisite portfolio’s for all to see. I am upgrading to what I hope is a masterpiece sleeve that will tell the story of the yrs between designs.

    • robinlabreche

      That’s amazing! We are lucky to live at a time where tattoos are not as permanent as they once were. We’re able to dull down and start over. And you’re right, there are SO many amazing artists around the world. It makes me wish I had 50 arms so I could get a sleeve from each of them.

  3. Christine

    I started having 2 of mine removed and my reason for doing it was that 1 of them is scared and you couldn’t really tell what it was because it was done so bad. The other is because the outline was horrible and there was a chunk of color missing from it and it looked bad in my opinion. I’m happy with the results so far and I can’t wait to finish the process

    • robinlabreche

      Looks like your reasons are exactly 2 of the ones I gave. Glad to hear that you are happy with the results. Thanks for your comment!



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